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If you want to give the best gift then Designer jewellery is most suited one. The affordable jewellery is perfect gift for lady in your life. Our jewellery ranges from kundan jewellery, gold plated jewellery to polki jewellery. These beautiful jewellery pieces will certainly express your emotions in all possible ways.

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Send Jewellery gifts to India, Designer and Affordable Jewelleries withTohfaindia

It is a well known fact that a diamond is a girl’s best friend. Also, the gold jewellery does not lag behind in this race of making a pretty lady happy. But the problem arises when due to the economic crunch the affordability of diamond or gold becomes difficult. Now, now don’t you worry as the house of is here to provide you with dazzling yet affordable designer jewellery.

Each and every piece of designer jewellery available in the is one of its kinds. They have a glamour factor added to them yet they are not at all expensive. The best part is the when you avail the online jewellery then you also get a lot of offers and discounts which brings down their prices even more.

When you visit the website of the then you are sure to come across an array of choices. The gallery will be full of options on various jewellery pieces. You can see the pictures of each of them and also see the details alongside. You just have to choose the one you like best and order and then it will be delivered at your doorstep. The concept of online jewellery shopping with will indeed redefine your experience of shopping for jewelleries.

The best part of the website for online jewellery shopping is that you can also gift your loved ones staying in India with the jewellery you like. The jewelleries that are available on are manufactured by the experts in the industry and thus they are nothing other than only the best.

Women all over the world have a thing for jewellery like diamond  and gold  and would love to own a real diamond bracelet or gold necklace, but  are unable to afford the expense. Are you one of them? Well, then you are in luck, for there is a solution for you, tohfaindia brings you all  types of jewelry that are akin to real diamond jewelry, gold, etc..  Yet it costs just a fraction of the price. Tohfaindia provides you a range of jewelleries :

Kundan jewellery - Kundan means purest of the pure. The name itself illustrates its level. It is such a stunning art that it makes people gawk at it.  Kundan Jewelry is a conventional form of Indian gemstone jewelry. It is still an integral part of the traditional Indian bridal wedding trousseau.

Gold plated jewellery- Jewelry are said to be women's best friends. And if you are in love with the color gold, and you really adore the way it looks on you, but so far have not make much of an investment on it, afraid of getting bankrupt. Then you don’t have to worry because now you have an option of gold plated jewelery wherein the investment is quite small and the returns or the satisfaction received is quite large.

Cz jewellery- If you really want to own diamonds but are unable to meet the expense of it then you needent fret because now you have an alternative of affordable diamond jewelry, i.e. cz jewellery.  With Cz jewellery you can show off more than one diamond at just a quarter of the price. You will be amazed at the quality and intimidated with its beauty.

Polki jewellery –They are beautiful and sophisticated  Indian traditional jewellery . It steals your heart just by a glance. It is usually known for its unique style and  striking design making it every woman’s desire.

Buy jewellery online at best prices in India from TohfaIndia the leading jewellery store in India. Get wide range of jewellery with latest designs from our online jewellery store. 

You can send these gorgeous pieces as jewellery gifts and also send these as  jewellery gift to india. These beautiful pieces will certainly express your emotions in all possible ways. Giving you and your beloved maximum contentment . 

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